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We Combine NLP Excellence With Guided Imagery  For a Successful Therapeutic Career

NLP Practitioners help their clients to connect with their strengths so that they can solve challenges easily and effectively. They help clients to let go of limiting beliefs, so that they can start living their dreams, rather than just talk about them.

Imagine filling a bag with all your finest achievements so that you could access them whenever life became challenging. How would this effect how you related to yourself? To others? To life’s challenges? If you started feeling motivated, healthier or stronger, I invite you to join me on the NLP Practitioner journey!

Our Courses

NLP Practitioner Course

This course qualifies you as a Certified NLP Practitioner. Start the journey to helping others achieve their goals

NLP Master Practitioner Course

Are you a Certified NLP Practitioner and interested in taking your knowledge to the next level?

Guided Imagery Course

Discover the power of the imagination, and how it can help your clients heal from past hurts.



"This 3 part course on Guided Imagery really taught me the tools that I need, to use Guided Imagery in my  psychology practice. Aviva is an excellent teacher who makes the topic understandable, and presented the material in a very practical way. I highly recommend it to therapists who want to add Guided Imagery to their toolbox."

talya roth
Talya Roth

"Aviva's course on Guided Imagery gives you point-by-point guidance in how to do a Guided Imagery and take it with you to do with clients or anyone who wants a Guided Imagery session. Highly recommended!"

talya freitag
Talya Freitag
Doula and Massage Therapist

"I felt the change in belief set to be both powerful and self-healing."

lena shore
Lena Shore
, B.Sc. B.Ed. M.Sc. Coordinator, "The Place"

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