Individual Therapy

In my practice, I work one-on-one with women, synthesizing Guided Imagery and N.L.P. techniques, with my clinical social work background. The focus in my work is on life-cycle events: helping mature singles achieve lasting relationships and helping women cope with fertility challenges such as recurrent miscarriage and infertility.

​The techniques allow for real change to take place within a couple of months. Clients begin to see a difference almost immediately.

What type of therapy do you use?

I combine traditional therapeutic techniques with Guided Imagery and N.L.P. (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

How can Guided Imagery and N.L.P. help me to achieve my personal goals?

Guided Imagery allows you to connect to areas of your mind that are often less active, often resulting in new discoveries about yourself and those around you. It can help generate more positive feelings, help you to resolve inner conflicts and start to solve difficult issues.

N.L.P.  helps you to focus on your goals, help you to change your perspective and strengthen  your inner resources. Combined together, real change and healing can take place.

How long is each session?

Initial sessions last for an hour and a half, and provide an opportunity for you to learn more about the techniques that I use in my practice, and to see how these techniques can help you achieve your goals. From the outset, emphasis is placed on making a realistic and attainable goal. Subsequent sessions last an hour.

How many sessions will I need?

The beauty of Guided Imagery and N.L.P. is that it is goal-orientated and helps you to achieve results fast! Generally it takes between 10-15 sessions to achieve your goal.

What happens if I don’t have any imagination?

Clients often worry that they don’t have any imagination, and wonder if Guided Imagery is the therapy of choice.  In actual fact, we use our imagination constantly throughout the day – when we describe our kitchen to a friend, or excitedly share our holiday. In reality, we are using our imagination all the time without even being aware of it!

Like any new skill, Guided Imagery can take some time to learn to really relax and reap the full benefits. Just like when we exercise after a long break, our muscles can be stiff, we sometimes need to ‘awaken’ our imagination.

I highly recommend Aviva’s workshops and private sessions! She simply does a very good job!!”


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